The Many Benefits of a Web Proxy


If you love browsing the web from time to time and you wish to maintain your anonymity or wish to have the ability to search specific prohibited websites, using a web proxy might be the response that you have been trying to find. When utilizing a public computer such as the case is for a cyber cafe, the internet services provider can select the kind of internet sites that you can access. This is why you would open certain sites and then get failure feedback. If you do not desire this to take place when you are surfing the web, the use of a web proxy is one thing that you can not dare to neglect as such.

Stay confidential

There are lots of perks that would accrue to you as a result of adopting using a web proxy server and among the benefits, that is anonymity has already been mentioned in the introductory part. Once more, when you are using such software on the internet, it would be much simpler for you to go anonymous when you are surfing the web. This suggests that no part, whether network admins or systems admins in your organization would track the kind of activities you participate in whenever you are on the internet. This is perhaps the most significant benefit that you would ever acquire from the use of a web proxy.

Freely gain access to restricted websites

When you are utilizing a web proxy, you will additionally have the ability to gain access to sites that have been filtered by the internet services provider. You would frequently discover some schools and colleges restricting the sites that people can check out. If you do not wish to see those error messages appearing on your screen every other time, using a web proxy would most definitely be unavoidable for your case.

Much better surfing experience

The minute you have a web proxy, you are assured an improved web experience. Exactly because there are no prohibitions anymore, and you could acquire easy entry to any website you wish to go to. A lot of web users worldwide simply like to make use of web proxies because of this. You will not experience any blocks whatsoever with web proxies. When you have a web proxy, you can go past any website blocks and restrictions today.

Filtration of web requests

Web proxies additionally help to filter web page or website requests and as a result offering you the responses that you require. This helps a big deal in seeing to it that your computer is not affected by any destructive software and again you get some useful content from using the web. Establishments can implement this in their networks in order to ensure that people do not gain access to sites that they are not permitted to. You can as a result customize the proxy settings to match your very own tastes and choices.

If you’re looking for a reliable proxy solution, consider giving the HMA Proxy a try. If you’re looking for a Web hosting solution, consider joining HostGator or BlueHost. There are plenty of HostGator coupon codes on the Web. They can help you save hundreds of dollars over time!

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VPN – What it is & How it Works

Online Privacy, Proxy

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a type of connection where public communication infrastructure system is used in order to provide individual users with secure private access to data from different sources. This means that a person can work from a virtual point and accessing through a communication channel like the internet without any other person having access to the same.

The VPN connection requires that data be encrypted at the sender’s source and be decrypted at the receiver’s end. This is important so as to avoid any other person who is using the internet from accessing the encrypted data. Still that is not all; the sending address together with the one receiving must be firmly secured to avoid hacking and accessing of the VPN by outsiders. This system of communication is very popular today with corporate organisations because it gives the people outside the office virtual capability of accessing their companies’ networks as though they were using LAN at a considerably affordable cost.

The use of tunnelling protocols like the L2TP is critical in VPN and the data being sent from one end to the other is guaranteed of being safe when using them. The user will be required to connect to a virtual private server via an external network channel after which the server will assign the user an IP address. After getting the IP address, the user will then be required to send an encrypted message to the other end that they want to communicate with. The IP address of the recipient will be given the same address as that of the source. The user can be the company communication or sending some files to a person in the field or even to a remote office.

The work of the server in this whole exercise of VPN connection is very critical to the whole process. It is here that the message from the sender is received and put in a packet. It is then encrypted and further encapsulated in to another packet. This is to help the encrypted message to be sent safely over the public internet communication channel. Even if a person was able to intercept the information, then they would just be able to get hold of it but nothing more will be achieved from their action. The receiving VPN server will receive the data, de-encrypt it and then send it to the intended recipient.

There are various layers in which the data can be sent from one end to the other. Depending on the needs of the sender or the recipient the OSI Layers 1, 2 or 3PPVN structures can be used to secure their connections. The VPN connection is used by corporate bodies with virtual offices, police to access criminal communications, hospitals and so on. With increased technology, the system is now being employed in mobile devices.

If you are looking for a reliable VPN solution, make sure you read this review of the HideMyAss VPN.

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Can BlackBerry Be Rescued?


A lot of excitement is in the air as RIM will try its best to set things right starting next year. Although the troubled company is facing a lot criticism for their lack of leadership, they’re very optimistic with what the future will bring. RIM is trying is doing its best to retain the good they’ve had over the years and bury the bad ones down under. But it would seem things could only get worse, an analyst points out. The question now is whether or not their business can finally bounce back.

Can BlackBerry Be Rescued?While a known German leader is facing tremendous pressure to turn things around this year, RIM’s newly appointed CEO, Mr. Heins, is tasked to do a lot of heavy work in the next several months ahead. The former executive of Siemens, Heins has a tough job in bringing back the company from almost nothing to significant importance like it once was.

While the promotion was unexpected, engineering back RIM to its state where once used to be productive and dominant is not a walk in the park. In 2008, BlackBerry was so popular even the most powerful president in the world was hooked to the Canadian brand, with his Bold 9900 and Torch 9810.

During a shareholders’ meeting a week ago, RIM is aggressively trying to sway investors to look into the future since changes have already begun. But they won’t be easily swayed as the next few months will ultimately determine the faith of the company that used to have it all.

Many are quite unsure how RIM will try to position itself as the handset maker that used to do it all. If there’s ever one thing Heins should really work on, it’s putting new BlackBerry devices in the market. Expectations for the new line of handsets are so high, RIM can’t afford another downfall. The delay of the new BlackBerry 10 platform completely turned off investors. And many are starting to lose faith in the once popular brand.

Even if the BlackBerry 10 does become successful, it may be a little too late. With BlackBerry a step behind in technological innovation, makers like Apple and Google will be several steps ahead with their own line of latest product features. This would put BlackBerry as the third or fourth recognized brand in the world. This is something not favorable in the eyes of investors. If there ever is handset maker many can count on, Apple and Google based products are surely the ones anyone will count on.

A strategic plan is already in place for RIM. The company has done a lot of internal changes. With many old executive members out and new faces pouring in, new ideas are taking place in answering challenges. RIM insisted their plan involves intensely making partnerships and license agreements. This is somewhat a little far off from the main topic. But they believe that when such strategies are developed they can scale to new heights. From a business standpoint, it’s ridiculous. Nowadays, it’s all about developing new technologies and promoting the brand for a company to become successful.

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Pre-registration is strongly recommended to speed up your pick-up of registration materials at the conference and to save money. The pre-registration deadline is Wednesday 30 April 2008.

To pre-register please read the following information and then you can proceed online via the ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM.

The registration fees for the meeting include:
- Admission to the technical sessions of the 2008 Ultrafast Phenomena conference.
- Coffee breaks (Monday through Friday morning).
- One copy of the conference programme with CD including all the two-page pdf summaries.
- One conference proceedings edited by Springer (including shipping costs), which will be available after the meeting.
- One Gala Dinner at Hotel Regina Palace in Stresa ( on Wednesday evening 11 June 2008, 8 pm. A three course dinner will be served. In order to attend, please register during the online registration.

Additional guest tickets may be obtained at a unit cost of 70 €. Online registration is required and payment needs to be made in advance. No additional tickets will be sold on site.

EPS Individual Members, Members of National Physical Societies who are members of EPS and OSA Members benefit from reduced fees.

Not yet EPS Member? Then join us by filling in this online form and benefit from the lower registration fees.

Save Money! Register before 30 April 2008

Before 30 April After 30 April
EPS/OSA Members (*) 450 € 510 €
Non-Members 550 € 610 €
Student Members (*) (**) 190 € 260 €
Student non-Members (**) 280 € 350 €

All registration fees are net prices exempt from Value Added Tax. The European Physical Society is a French registered association for non profit and is not liable to VAT. For this reason the Society does not possess a VAT number.

(*) Applications for the EPS membership fee must provide their EPS individual membership number when making their online registration.
(*) Applications for the EPS membership who are members of National Societies need to indicate the National Society they belong to. Proof of membership must be presented on-site.
(*) Applications for the OSA membership fee must indicate their membership number when making their online registration. Proof of membership must be presented on-site.

(**) Applications for the students’ rate must send a copy of an official student identity card, which must also be presented on-site when collecting registration materials.

Technical Documentation
The registration fees include one conference programme with CD, provided pre-registration is made by the participant.
One conference proceedings, edited by Springer, will be sent after the meeting to each participant.

For all due payments evidence must be given that payment has been initiated by one of the methods detailed below:

1. Cheque, in euros, payable to:
European Physical Society
European Physical Society
BP 2136, 6 rue des Frères Lumière
F-68060 Mulhouse Cedex / France

Please add Euro 6. – to the total registration fees to cover bank handling fees.

2. Bank transfer in euros payable to:
Bank name: BNP PARIBAS Alsace Franche Comté
Bank address: 2 rue de Berne, F – 67300 Schiltigheim, France
Account holder: European Physical Society
Bank code: 30004, Office code: 00440
Account number: 000 100 58 374, Key 76
IBAN: FR76 3000 4004 4000 0100 5837 476

If paying by bank transfer, please note that all bank fees are payable by the applicant.
In all cases please quote the name of the participant, and the reference UP 08.

A copy of the instruction to the bank should be sent to the European Physical Society.

3. By Visa/MasterCard credit cards:
Please download “Payment Information Sheet” and return it duly filled out to the European Physical Society. (NB – American Express and Diners Club cannot be accepted).

Online registrations received without information as to how payment is to be made, will not be accepted.

An administration charge of Euro 46 will be made for processing refunds. A request for cancellation must be made in writing. In the case of cancellation, requests received on or before 16 May 2008 will be refunded (less the administration charge). No refunds will be available if notice of cancellation is received after 16 May 2008.

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Conference Management


Conference management is provided by the European Physical Society
6 rue des Frères Lumière
BP 2136, F-68060 Mulhouse Cedex

English will be the official language of the conferences.

Passport and visa requirements
Foreign visitors entering Italy must be in possession of a valid ID or passport. Delegates from countries requiring visas should apply to the Italian consular offices or diplomatic missions in their home countries. Contributors requiring a letter of invitation to include with their visa application should contact the European Physical Society.

Please click here to subscribe for new information about conference

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XVI International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena


Topical Meeting and Tabletop Exhibit

Connect with the most accomplished international scientists,researchers, engineers and business leaders as they shape the future of optics, photonics and laser science.


The 2008 Ultrafast Phenomena Conference will be the sixteenth in a series on
advances in research on ultrafast science and technology. This meeting is
widely recognized as the major international forum for the discussion of new
work in this rapidly moving field.
The 2008 conference will bring together a multidisciplinary group sharing a
common interest in the generation of ultrashort pulses in the picosecond,
femtosecond, and attosecond regimes and their applications to studies of
ultrafast phenomena in physics, chemistry, material science, electronics,
biology, engineering, and medical applications. In addition, submissions
involving real world applications of ultrafast technology are encouraged. A
tabletop exhibit featuring leading companies will be held in conjunction with
the meeting.

Plan to attend UP 2008!

Postdeadline Submission Deadline: Monday May 26th

• Generation and Measurement – New sources, new wavelength regimes, nonlinear frequency conversion techniques, amplifiers, attosecond pulse generation, pulse shaping, pulse diagnostics and measurement techniques
and frequency standards.
• Physics – Ultrafast nonlinear optical processes, kinetics of nonequilibrium processes, quantum confinement, coherent transients, nonlinear pulse propagation, novel ultrafast spectroscopic techniques, high intensity physics, X-ray and plasma physics.
• Chemistry – Vibrational and conformational dynamics, energy transfer, kinetics of laser-induced chemistry, proton and electron transfer, solvation dynamics, wavepacket motion and coherent control of reactions.
• Biology – Ultrafast processes in photosynthesis, vision, heme proteins, photoisomerization in chromoproteins, wavepacket motion and medical applications.
• Electronics & Optoelectronics – Photoconductivity, generation, propagation and detection of ultrafast electrical signals, terahertz radiation, electro-optical sampling and detectors.
• Applications – Real world applications of ultrafast technology, including ultrafast near-field, nonlinear, and confocal microscopes, high speed communication, micromachining and more.

General Chairs:
Paul Corkum, Steacie Inst. for Molecular Science, Canada
Sandro De Silvestri, Politecnico of Milan and ULTRAS INFM-CNR, Italy
Keith Nelson, MIT,USA

Program Chairs:
Eberhard Riedle, Ludwig-Maximilians Univ. of Munich, Germany
Robert Schoenlein, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

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